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Survey: Boomers Weigh-In On America's Sexiest Seniors

In a national survey of baby boomers commissioned by The Lifeline Program, about 31 percent of boomers considered Raquel Welch to be "the sexiest woman past the age of 65." Sean Connery led the men at 31 percent.

"We wanted to have some fun in a mostly serious survey about retirement and knowledge about life insurance," said Scott Page, president and CEO of The Lifeline Program. The leading life settlement provider commissioned International Communications Research to survey sentiments regarding retirement, life insurance and familiarity with life settlements among baby boomers.

According the survey, baby boomers appear to be taking a second look at their life insurance policies as an alternative financial solution to paying for retirement: About 29 percent of baby boomers said they would consider a life settlement to fund their retirement. Retirees can sell an unneeded life insurance policy for a portion of the face amount. These transactions, known as life settlements, have become mainstream in the past several years, particularly as baby boomers begin exploring all financial options to paying for retirement, including previously unconventional alternatives. Seventy-nine percent of the surveyed baby boomers felt financial planners and life insurance professionals should be informing policyholders about life settlements as a financial option rather than having a policy lapse due to not paying premiums.