Our Spokesperson- Betty White

Betty White, recognized as America’s most trusted celebrity, has endorsed and represented The Lifeline Program® since 2005. She has had one of the longest and most celebrated careers in entertainment. Since her television debut in 1939, White has appeared in numerous television, radio, and movie roles. She has been honored with six Emmy Awards, a Grammy, and three SAG Awards, among many others. At age 91, she shows no signs of stopping.

"Betty White is one of America's most recognizable and beloved faces, particularly when it comes to seniors. She will help us to teach thousands of seniors how to uncover hidden wealth by selling their life insurance policies."

In addition to her many onscreen accomplishments, White has done much for animal welfare. Primary among them, the Los Angeles Zoo has been a longtime passion. For these reasons and many more, we are honored to have her represent our company. Betty’s efforts to raise awareness of settlements among Baby Boomers and seniors are unparalleled in our industry.