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As the leader in the life settlement industry with nearly a quarter of a century of experience, The Lifeline Program® fully understands and respects the sanctity of the legal and fiduciary relationship you have with each of your clients. Having transacted life settlements for many seniors and dealt with countless estate and tax situations, we are uniquely situated to be the life settlement company of choice for attorneys, trustees, and estate planners--which is why we have become the go-to, one-stop resource with the broadest knowledge of the complex and ever-changing rules and regulations in every state in which we are licensed.

We Fund All of Our Life Settlements With Our Own Balance Sheet Capital. No One Else Can Say That.

Critically important is this fact: We completely fund all of our settlements from our own reserves of private capital, which is managed by our own capital management company, LCM LLC. Our balance sheet is among the strongest in the business.

We make the process as smooth and seamless as possible. You will find that we manage any and all issues that may arise with the greatest degree of professionalism and discretion. You will be pleased to know that unlike many in our industry, we never deal in stranger-originated life insurance (STOLI) policies.

We know the decision to enter into a life settlement is a serious decision with important tax, legal, and probate implications.

You may wish to consider the following factors to assess your client's candidacy:
  • Is your client over-insured, or is his or her policy under-performing or no longer needed?
  • Should your client use the settlement proceeds for other coverage?
  • Would a life settlement vs. a 1035 exchange be more beneficial?
  • Should the proceeds be used to purchase an annuity, and if so, what type?
In addition, please consider these factors:
  • Costly monthly premiums will be eliminated.
  • Settlement proceeds can be used for other favorable and opportune investments.
  • Probable dramatic changes in the capital gains tax going forward will impact future death benefits.
  • Whether proceeds are needed to assist family members.
  • Whether your client would like to finance his or her grand- or great-grandchildren's education.
  • Whether there are personal needs, desires, or goals your client wishes to fulfill.
  • The impact of tax implications and deductions.*

* Please note: Due to an IRS ruling in 2009 a settlement amount equal to the policy owner's total premium payments (the cost basis) is generally 100 percent deductible. The difference between the cost basis and the cash surrender value of the policy is generally taxable as ordinary income. The proceeds received exceeding the cash surrender value are generally taxable as a capital gain. Of course, all tax questions should be directed to a tax advisor.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss life settlements with you at your convenience.

Please phone us anytime at 800-252-5282.

We look forward to your call. You will soon see why for so many senior clients and their legal and estate professionals, we've been The Life-Changing Solution.