3 Life Settlement Announcements for Financial Professionals

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This week, The Lifeline Program proclaims some vast changes to long-term capitalization that will enhance purchasing power.

The Lifeline Program Boosts Purchase Power

The first announcement, highlights the significant "Long-term" recapitalization with Lifeline Capital Management, LLC (LCM). According to Wm. Scott Page, CEO of LCM and the life settlement provider, The Lifeline Program, they are projected to deploy substantial amounts of capital into the market. The additional capital supports the strategy to target larger policies with face values ranging from $1MM - $20MM, from both the secondary life settlement market, as well as tertiary portfolios. With this institutional structure, LCM becomes a single-strategy asset manager and Lifeline becomes one of the only providers in the life settlement industry with long-term and permanent capital to purchase policies. All policies will be purchased and held by LCM.

'New' Capital Earmarked for Purchasing Retained Death Benefit Policies

In an effort to provide additional liquidity solutions for consumers, The Lifeline Program has instituted the Retained Life Benefit program. Through this program, the insured can liquidate a portion of their in-force life insurance policy and retain partial coverage. Beneficiaries retain a percentage of the policy death benefit while the majority of the policy is sold to a life settlement provider. This transaction benefits both the insured and their beneficiaries by eliminating the obligation of making future premium payments for the insured, while providing security for those that matter most.

Paramedical Exams Are No Longer Required

Obtaining additional medical data through a paramedical exam is no longer a requirement for life expectancy underwriting in most life settlement transactions.