Retained Life Benefits

Sell Some, Keep Some

A retained life/death benefit allows the policy owner to sell his or her life insurance policy in a life settlement and keep a portion of the life benefit to retain wanted insurance coverage, without the ongoing responsibility of premium payments.

Here’s how it works.

The Lifeline Program, a life settlement provider and funding entity, will make an offer to purchase a portion of the death benefit, taking into account the premium commitment for the entire policy. During the closing process, 100% of the life insurance policy ownership is transferred to the provider, while the seller is made an irrevocable beneficiary for the portion of the death benefit with the carrier.

Policy Purchasing Parameters

  • Policy face amount: $1MM–$20MM (policy face amounts outside published parameters will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis)
  • Policy type: Individual and survivorship (even if both insured individuals are living), universal life, whole life, or convertible term
  • Life Expectancy (LE): Up to 15 years (3 years to 10 years is generally preferred).
  • LEs: Must come from AVS Underwriting and/or Fasano Associates (with a preference for two LEs, at least).

Knowing all of your clients’ options as they face their golden years is the key to successful planning and management of assets. When it comes to life settlements, The Lifeline Program is offering you the opportunity to create a professional relationship with a company that continues to provide alternative funding solutions for boomers and seniors.

Your client many not qualify for a life settlement at this time, but performing an annual review of their life insurance coverage and discussing their options validates your knowledge, experience, and expertise.

To find out if a life settlement is a fitting solution for your client, get them prequalified in 48 hours with LifePASS™.

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