Who Qualifies?

To help you determine whether a life settlement can be beneficial please consider the following factors:
  • Are you aged 70 or older?
  • Is the policy in the range of $250,000–$10 million?
  • Is your policy beyond the legal two-year contestability period?
To further assess, you’ll also want to consider asking yourself the following questions:
  • Can you continue to afford the premium payments on your policy?
  • Are you considering “lapsing” or “surrendering” your policy for any reason?
  • Is your insurance policy under-performing?
  • Do you currently need the policy, or have you outlived the beneficiary?
  • Has your estate plan changed?
  • Do you need additional liquidity?
  • Are there other investments you would be well served to take advantage of?
  • Is it in your best interest to purchase a newer and more efficient policy?
  • Is there a family member or members you would like to assist financially?
  • Is the policy a “key man” policy no longer needed for business?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, a life settlement may be the right answer for you. To learn more, call one of our knowledgeable account managers today at 1.800.252.8252. Don't just take it from us! See what our clients are saying about us in our consumer testimonials.