The Lifeline Program™ is proudly partnered with Track-Life™, a post-settlement policy servicing and management company with roots in the settlement industry that date back more than 20 years. Track-Life’s leadership has serviced billions of dollars in life insurance policies and has completed hundreds of death claims.

Track-Life manages the policy maintenance and insured tracking for institutional investors and policy owners who are active within the life settlement asset class. Track-Life’s experienced team of professionals manage all aspects of life settlement policy tracking and servicing such as updating the health status of the insured, verifying premium payments, and collecting death benefits when received.  

The expertise required to service a life settlement is similar whether the policy is $100,000 or $10,000,000. As a leading life settlement provider, we have never understood why some of Track-Life’s competitors trap their clients in pricing contracts that are based on face amount. At Track-Life, pricing is not based on the size of a policy’s death benefit, but instead is “a la carte” and dependent only on the specific work that is requested and successfully performed. Track-Life’s clients realize significant value by having personalized services tailored around their own unique needs.  

Track-Life is also unique in offering Transparent Life Plus™, a web-portal allowing access to many portfolio and service-related details via a secure website. Please call Track-Life at 770.934.4390 today to schedule a demonstration.