UL with High Premiums

Universal Life Policy
Year Issued: 
2 003
Face Amount: 
Surrender Value: 
Lifeline Settement: 

The insured was retired. He had taken out a universal life policy with a major carrier in 2003 for the face amount of $2,000,000, and was paying nearly $40,000 in yearly premiums, with a cash value of $250,000 to that point.

With his income down and the recession having taken its toll on his estate, he met with his financial advisor. They considered their options, and determined that his best option was to sell his policy. Yet with all he had paid into the policy over the course of nearly a decade, the surrender value of his insurance, including fees and other charges, was just over $178,000—which was $72,000 LESS than he had paid into it.

That’s when he and his advisor contacted The Lifeline Program®. It turned out to be a very smart decision, since we discovered far more cash inside of his policy than he had ever imagined, and ended up paying the insured nearly three times the surrender value his insurance company offered for a grand total of $515,000! The transaction was completed securely and professionally, and we were there for him and his financial advisor through every step of the process.

We assumed ALL his premium payments and from that point he was freed of the burden of his monthly payments, with over half a million dollars in fresh cash now in his bank account to spend as he wished-and to use for other investments better suited to his circumstances.

**While the storyline contained in this case study is a dramatization so as to protect the identity and privacy of the policy holder and insured, the policy face amount, age of insured, and policy sale amount realized are actual results of settlements offered by The Lifeline Program®.

[We] ended up paying the insured nearly three times the surrender value his insurance company offered...