Scott Page

President and CEO

Scott Page is president and chief executive officer of The Lifeline Program, one of the oldest and most established life insurance settlement providers in the nation. The company actively partners with insurance agencies and broker dealers to establish profitable and ongoing life settlement business lines. Page is widely credited as one of the founders of the life insurance settlement industry, which in the past 25 years has grown from a niche business into a mainstream financial services industry that buys and sells more than $6 billion worth of life insurance policies annually. Page led efforts nationwide to promote and create intelligent industry regulation, most notably legislation that created licensing requirements around the country.

In recent years, the company has focused its efforts on the growing life insurance settlement industry, sometimes referred to as senior settlements. A life settlement is the sale of a life insurance policy to a third party for a present value of the net death benefit. Transactions of this nature can be extremely useful for high-net-worth seniors. The company has been performing life settlements since 2001, but the industry has matured in recent years as institutional investors have learned the value of the transactions and invested in top provider companies like The Lifeline Program.

Today, operating from its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, The Lifeline Program is the preeminent life and senior settlement company in the United States. Thousands of individual policyholders and investors have benefited from the company’s commitment to professionalism and premier business practices.

Ever since the industry began, Page has been at the forefront. He served as the first president of the industry’s national association and spoke publicly and passionately about the nascent industry on television news programs such as 20/20, NBC Nightly News, and The Phil Donahue Show and in national publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Newsweek magazine. He also has assisted the Federal Bureau of Investigation in its efforts to crack down on investor fraud.

Although many companies within the industry have come and gone, Page’s has consistently changed with the times and grown in size and capability. Today, Page is a frequent guest on Fox Business Network, serving as an expert on retirement and financial planning issues, and he regularly contributes to The Huffington Post on senior and retirement issues. He is currently finishing his first book, It’s Never Too Late—Getting Older, Wiser and Worry-Free in Our Golden Years, which is due out in late 2015 from Morgan James Publishing.