Our History

At the end of the 1980s, one of Scott Page's close friends contracted AIDS. The friend, whose health was rapidly deteriorating, could no longer provide for himself and his sole asset, his life insurance policy, was on the verge of lapse because he couldn't afford the monthly premium payments. The situation looked rather bleak when Scott came up with an innovative idea - offer his friend's insurance policy to someone who would provide needed capital now, in exchange for the right to the benefits payable under the policy later. It was the spark that eventually launched The Lifeline Program and a theme that would yield a billion-dollar industry.

Where others saw barriers, Scott saw opportunity, and in 1989 he formed The Lifeline Program.

However, at that time, few if any had ever completed this type of transaction and despite the relative simplicity of the concept, as Scott would soon learn, banks and others shied away from what was to them at the time an uncertain risk. Where these institutions saw barriers, Scott saw opportunity, and in 1989 he formed The Lifeline Program.

Since that time, the company has been a leader in many respects, becoming the first or among the first settlement providers licensed in those states where it sought to be licensed, the first viatical settlement provider to submit an anti-fraud review plan to state regulatory authorities in 1999, and the first to develop and implement an Anti-Money Laundering Program in 2003.

Today, The Lifeline Program is based in Tucker, Georgia and continues to set industry standards by working with individual policyholders throughout the United States and investors across the globe (under the trademark Investing in Life).