Lifeline Capital Management was founded in 2010 as the exclusive equity management and funding source of our licensed provider partner, The Lifeline Program. Then in 2012, it was re-formed as a dealer and capitalized with our own balance sheet - which remains the strongest in the business and is a prime reason why we are widely considered to be the gold standard of life settlement companies. We act as a dealer, employing prudent and conservative investment strategies to further enhance our fiscal position as the industry leader. We also provide a supply of capital for settlements to a growing market of mainstream institutional investors, and tertiary market investors.

Unlike others in our business, we maintain deep wells of private capital and fund all of the settlement policies we write through LCM. In fact, we have underwritten and purchased $1.7 billion (face value) of policies directly from policy owners, who have received over $200 million in proceeds.

What this means to you the agent is this: When The Lifeline Program purchases and funds a life settlement from a client's existing, active life insurance policy, you can be completely confident the transaction will be handled quickly, smoothly, reliably, securely, and with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism that a financial transaction of this import and magnitude warrants. Because all of our source capital is strictly our own, is always available to us immediately, and is completely under our managed control, there is never a concern that - unlike many of our peers - we have to search for and engage a third party for funding. Which in this economy can be risky at best. The result is, your clients have their much-needed cash in hand, with your (and your clients') expectations completely fulfilled throughout the entire process, keeping the agent-client relationship trustworthy and rock-solid. In short, LCM provides the substantial and dependable financial backing that makes the The Lifeline Program the choice for life-settlements.